GMC Motorhome DVDs and CDs!

NEW! Workprint – GMC Motorhome Development on DVD

This DVD covers the period from Dec 1970 through March 1971, starting with the Pie Wagon and ending with RV26, the full scale clay model. Mock ups, floor plans, revisions, styling sketches, scale models, 40 minutes of never before seen development of the GMC Motorhome.

$25 (postage included) | Available from Bill Bryant | To order, !

Bill Bryant | 374 Overlook Rd | Pleasant Valley, NY 12569 | 845-635-2812

History of the GMC Motorhome on CD

The GMC MotorHome From Start to Finish…., is a cd created by GMC Motorhome Historian, Bill Bryant. This is a colllection of many years effort obtaining the history of the GMC Motorhome.  Over 500 images detail the history, development,  designs, prototypes, concepts, manufacturing, pricing, Sales literature, memorabilia, collectables and much, much more. The history is presented in PDF format.

$18 | Available from Applied GMC | To order, click here!

GMC Dealer Showroom Videos on DVD

This DVD includes 13 mini-theater films that could be seen in GMC Motorhome Dealer Showrooms. These are primarily sales related and show much of the factory assembly and testing activities.

The mini-theatre could be found in many GM Dealer Showrooms in the 1970s. We are especially fortunate that the GMC Motorhome had 13 films in this series. The original films are extremely rare, it took considerable time and effort to locate and convert them. We are most fortunate to be able to share them you now.

$39 | 2 DVD set of 13 showroom films | Available from Applied GMC | To order, click here!