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We welcome the
GMC Great Lakers, GMC Heritage Cruisers, and GMC Tidewater Crabs
who will be utilizing the Convention as their rally.

See you in Mansfield!

>> What a theme, Celebrating GMC Flyers!

We will be celebrating the GMC Motorhome Bug artwork, pilots (military, commercial, and private), individuals in aviation, people that served in the military, etc.

>> The GMC Motorhome Bug….So Cute!

We have adjusted the Convention t-shirt artwork as illustrated above. Order yours on the Convention registration form.

>> Attendee Photos and Bios at Convention.

Due to an unfortunate accident, our biographies and photos that were displayed on the bulletin boards at each of our Conventions were destroyed. But we will keep this tradition alive! With your Convention registration confirmation (via email), you will be sent a bio sheet to fill out. Within that sheet we will also be asking you questions that will assist with our “Celebrating GMC Flyers” theme. We do ask that you return the sheet via email as soon as possible so that we can get the cards printed and placed on the boards. Upon your arrival at the GMC Convention we will be taking new photos. Thank you in advance for everyone’s cooperation. Both Fred and Diane Dugger put alot of pride into the efforts of these boards and we would like to continue this tradition.

The Ladies of the GMC Great Lakers invite all the ladies to take a step back in time to the fall of 1943 to visit with Rosie, the Riveter. Pilots in WWII needed planes; Rosie built those planes. Enjoy a lunch such as Rosie might have experienced while visiting with old friends and new. All participants are invited to come in 1943 attire and/or Rosie attire, if they wish, and to share with us any family stories of the women who were the Real Rosies.

Since World War II, USO shows have connected soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen to family, home, and country by bringing them morale-boosting entertainment no matter where they are. At the Sentimental Journey, we invite you to come dressed in any era since WWII: military uniforms, any particular performer you like, etc. Lets make this “Sentimental Journey” a huge salute! Read more at www.uso.org

We are in need of a few USO performers for our “Salute”: i.e. tap dance, comedian, juggling. Check the box on the registration form for more information. Thank you!

>> Pineblock Derby and Clinic!

Get those GMC racers ready for the GMCMI Pineblock Derby!

Make your own GMC Motorhome Racer on Thursday, October 3 at 9:00 am. Bring a dual action electric hand sander, sandpaper (80, 100, and 220), plus a can of spray paint and decals if you wish to decorate.

For updated GMCMI Pineblock Derby Rules go to gmcmi.com/gmcmi-pineblock-derby/.

Those of you who have made additional GMC racers, please do bring them so that others can race them. Thank you!

Need a Derby Kit….

Order your kit on the Convention registration form for the Clinic (pickup on arrival) or build your derby racer at home. Only $20 each with free shipping. Order at: thegmcmhstore.com

>> Windshield Replacement Clinic!

This is the same group of men (Preferred Glass) that have installed at previous GMCMI Windshield Clinics. Installations will be on Saturday, October 5 and Sunday, October 6. Space is limited. Contact Ken Burton as soon as possible at for more information.

>> Weighing of the Coaches Clinic

Ever wondered what your loaded GMC weighs? Here is your opportunity to find out. Prior to weighing, your front and rear ride heights at four points will be recorded. During the weighing all six wheels of your coach will be independently weighed – two at a time.

>> GMC Parts Exchange, Craft & Flea Market

Bring those no longer needed GMCMI items to sell on Sunday afternoon! Also, we enjoy seeing and purchasing those lovely things you make.

>> GMC Motorhome Open House

Tour and enjoy seeing original and updated GMC Motorhomes. The tour will follow the Parts, Craft, and Flea Market on Sunday.

>> Request for Tech Presenters

What is that one thing that you may wish to share? Here is your opportunity! The Mini-Tech Sessions consist of 15-20 minute tech/informational sessions that feature one thing that the presenter wishes to share. Need more time than 15-20 minutes, not a problem. Email for more information.

>> Request for General Sessions

We have a couple of sessions open, just in case you have an
idea or session you would wish to lead, email today! Possible items:

>> Fred & Diane Dugger Memorial Food Drive

Please bring non-perishable food items and paper products which will be donated to a local charity.

>> “The Shed”

On Saturday afternoon, all attendees are invited for a fun session of craft projects, cards, socializing, and so much more! Back by popular demand – fleece projects such as blankets, dog beds, and child car seat coverups. Are you working on a project…come work on it and share. Bring any type of project you are working on or better yet…lead a group and help others to make one. For more information email .

>> “Bookworms and their Diet” and Book Exchange

Remember to bring your books, tapes, and dvds for the Book Exchange table. Also, bring your favorite book and share it at the “Bookworms and their Diet” session. Previous lists are available at gmcmi.com/community-book-list/.

>> Ohio Genealogical Society Tour

Nina Lee Hampton has volunteered to lead a tour to the “Ohio Genealogical Society” in Bellville (about 30 minutes south of Mansfield) on Friday, October 4 departing at 9:00 am. Come prepared to do research in the library. If interested please check the box on the registration form. Info about the society: www.ogs.org.

>> Convention Highlights

• Six nights of camping, Friday through Wednesday night
• Restrooms, showers, and laundry available
• Come early for Wednesday and Thursday for only $25 a night
• 15-21 hours of tech sessions
• Vendors, Vendors, Vendors…
• 12-19 hours of non-technical sessions
• Three ice cream socials
• Two catered dinners
• Two Lunches
• Daily Coffee Hour and Book Exchange
• Hot waffles daily and one egg breakfast
• Ladies Luncheon
• GMC Parts Exchange, Craft & Flea Market
• GMC Motorhome “Open House”
• Weighing of the Coaches
• Windshield Replacement Clinic
• Participate in the Sunday Worship Service Choir
• Pineblock Derby – don’t forget your racer!
• GMC Pineblock Derby Clinic – scheduled for Thursday before Convention starts at 9:00 am
• The popular raffle for $1,000 in cash, free convention fees for two, plus many more items.

PLUS…Daily Door Prizes!

>> The Ammenities

Richland County Fairgrounds

Located 65 miles northeast of Columbus and 65 miles southwest of Cleveland. The physical and mailing address is 750 N Home Rd, Mansfield, Ohio 44906; 40.7801° N, 82.5674° W.

• Beautiful buildings and grounds
• All sites have 30 amp electric and water
• Comfort station with restrooms, showers, and laundry
• Dump station available
• Bring your own wifi service

>> Vendor Area

The facility offers both indoor and outdoor vendor areas. Vendors, please indicate on registration form if you wish to be inside or outside. Vendors are supplied with a large free-standing “Vendor” sign to park near their coach during the Convention.

>> Unable to Attend Entire Convention

Not a problem! Email for additional information.

>> The Schedule….tentative that is

Wednesday | October 2 | pre-convention
1:00 pm | Early Arrival & Registration

Thursday | October 3 | pre-convention
7:30 am | Morning Coffee and Donuts
9:00 am | Early Arrival & Registration
9:00 am | Pineblock Derby Clinic
7:30 pm | Ice Cream Social
8:00 pm | Bingo (free cards, prizes awarded)

Friday | October 4
7:30 am | Morning Coffee, Donuts, & Waffles
9:00 am | GMCMI Arrival & Registration
9:00 am | Ohio Genealogical Soecity Tour departs
1:00 pm | Choir Practice for Sunday Worship Service
3:15 pm | First-Timers Meeting – All Members Welcome
5:15 pm | Welcome Meeting
6:30 pm | Catered Meal and Entertainment

Saturday | October 5 | Windshield Clinic
7:30 am | Morning Coffee, Donuts, Waffles, Bagels, English Muffins, Oatmeal, Juice, & Fruit
8:30 am | Announcements/Daily Drawings
9:00 am | Morning Tech & Non-Tech Sessions
1:00 pm | Afternoon Tech & Non-Tech Sessions
6:00 pm | GMC Heritage Cruisers Get-together
7:30 pm | Ice Cream Social

Sunday | October 6 | Windshield Clinic
7:30 am | Morning Coffee, Donuts, Bagels, English Muffins, Oatmeal, Juice & Fruit
7:30 am | Egg Breakfast
8:30 am | Announcements/Daily Drawings
9:00 am | Worship Service
10:15 am | Morning Tech & Non-Tech Sessions
1:15 pm | GMC Parts Exchange, Craft & Flea Market
3:00 pm | GMC Motorhome Open House Tour
6:00 pm | GMC Great Lakers Get-together

Monday | October 7
7:30 am | Morning Coffee, Donuts, Waffles, Bagels, English Muffins, Oatmeal, Juice, & Fruit
7:30 am | Pineblock Derby Weigh-in
8:30 am | Announcements/Daily Drawings
9:00 am | Morning Tech & Non-Tech Sessions
12:00 pm | “Rosie the Riveter” Ladies Social
12:00 pm | Chili for the Men
1:00 pm | Afternoon Tech Sessions
3:00 pm | Afternoon Non-Tech Sessions
6:00 pm | GMC Tidewater Crabs Get-together
7:30 pm | Ice Cream Social
8:00 pm | Pineblock Derby Races

Tuesday | October 8
7:30 am | Morning Coffee, Donuts, Waffles, Bagels, English Muffins, Oatmeal, Juice, & Fruit
8:30 am | Announcements/Daily Drawings
9:00 am | Morning Tech & Non-Tech Sessions
12:00 pm | Lunch provided
1:00 pm | Afternoon Tech & Non-Tech Session
2:30 pm | GMCMI Regional Member Meetings
3:45 pm | Weighing of the Coaches
5:30 pm | “Sentimental Journey: A Salute to the USO” – catered meal and entertainment

Wednesday | October 9
7:30 am | Morning Coffee, Donuts, Waffles, Bagels, English Muffins, Oatmeal, Juice, & Fruit
8:30 am | Announcements/Daily Drawings
9:00 am | Morning Tech & Non-Tech Sessions
11:30 am | Membership Meeting, Awards, GMCMI Raffle (luncheon to follow Membership Meeting)

Thursday | October 10
Noon Campground Checkout – Convention Ends – Have A Safe Trip Home!

>> Vendor News – Dave and Mary Lenzi not attending Convention

9/3/19 – Message from Dave Lenzi: It is with great sorrow that I have to inform you that we will not be attending the fall convention. Mary’s chemo did not put her in remission. We have visited two more cancer facilities, but neither had any suggestions. I will be contacting MD Anderson, Houston in the morning. This will probably be our last hope.