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>> Facebook Pages

Up-to-date information on events and the members of GMCMI members.

Vintage GMC Motorhomes
Follow the adventures of fellow GMC Motohome owners in their renovations, travels and experiences.

Regional GMC Motorhome Chapters
Many of the regional chapters have public or private facebook pages. Click here to be directed to the GMC Chapter page of this website for a list.

Classic GMC Motorhome Parts
Need a part? Have a part? Check it out…

Classic GMC Motorhome

This group is for community discussion about the Classic GMC Motorhome.

>> Other GMC Sites

1976 Palm Beach Restoration
Richard Waters
Website: www.palmbeachgmc.com

bdub’s Chunk of Cyberspace
Billy Massey
Website: www.bdub.net

The Boondocking Bugbees
Launce Robert Bugbee – full-timer blog
Website: theboondockingbugbees.wordpress.com

The Classic GMC Motorhome Portal
Eugene Mazzurana
Website: www.gmc.mybirdfeeder.net

Dan’s GMC Page
Dan Winchester
Website: http://gmc.dwinchester.com

Dirtpatch and Boo
Thomas Markle and Michelle Pattison full-timing in their GMC Motorhome.
Website: http://dirtpatchandboo.tumblr.com

The Dovetail Joint
Jerry Work
Website: http://jerrywork.com/

Idiot’s Internet Guide to Finding 1973-1978 GMC MotorHome Information
Gary Bovee
Website: www.gmcidiotsguide.com

This Guide was specifically designed with the idea of saving newbies time in searching for information about the GMC MotorHome that is readily available on the Internet. It is also a handy reference guide for all GMCers who want to quickly find Internet links of GMC MotorHome information.

Internet Movie Cars Database (IMCDb)
Wondered what movies and TV series a GMC Motorhome has appeared in? Check out this website and view the clips.
Website: www.imcdb.org/vehicles.php?make=gmc&model=motorhome

GMC Gadabout
Carl Harr
Website: www.gmcgadabout.com

Guy Lopes
Website: www.gmc-guy.com

GMC Motorhome – Travels with our GMC Motorhome
This blog is about Armand and Carol Minnie, and their GMC motorhome “Barbie” (short for the Barbiemobile). They talk about their travels and trials (maintenance, repairs and upgrades) with Barbie. “She’s a lot work but she’s worth it.”
Website: minniebiz.com/gmcmotorhome/

GMC Motorhome Hams
Ken Burton
Website: gmcmotorhome.info/HAMS.html

GMC Motorhome Makeover
Chris Reek
Website: gmcmotorhomemakeover.wordpress.com

A makeover story of our 1976 GMC Motorhome interior.

The GMC Motorhome Photo Archive
Billy Massey
Website: www.gmcmhphotos.com

GMC Motorhome Photos
Scott Nehoda
Website: www.gmcmotorhome.tripod.com

GMC Motorhome Web Pages
Henry Davis
Website: www.henry-davis.com/GMC

GMC Motorhomes Cruising America
John and Evelyn Culver
Website: www.gmcmotorhomes.com

GMC Motorhomes Information
Eugene Fisher
Website: www.gmcmotorhome.info

Patrick Flowers
Website: www.gmcmotorhome.com

Miguel Mendez
Website: www.mgmgmc.com

The Free Encyclopedia
Website: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GMC_motorhome/