Welcome to the GMC Motorhomes Community Cookbook

QUESTION | Have you ever eaten at one of the great potlucks at a rally and said, “I wish I had the recipe for that.”

QUESTION | Have you ever stood in your GMC Motorhome kitchen and wondered what you could make that wouldn’t make a big mess?

Well, your “wish has come true”!

Have a recipe you would like to share with the community? Simply email it to . Photos are also welcomed. Once it is posted, you will receive a confirmation email. Thank you.

Great cooking and eating is soon to be had!

Need to apologize…

At the Cooking and Stowing in a Vintage Vehicle session held at the 2017 Spring Vintage Motorhomes Celebration, recipes were shared from the attendees. Unfortunately, they are temporarily misplaced. In the meantime, if you wish to resubmit your recipe, please do. We will continue to look for them.

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