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We are happy to offer these downloadable files for the GMC Community. We thank all of the contributors that took the time to scan and share these great tools for all of us to utilize while keeping our coaches on the road. We welcome all historical and technical information. If there is something that you would like to share, please contact . Thank you!

 >> GMC Motorhome

“Operation Conquest” (Source: Bill Bryant)
Presented by GMC Motor Home Engineering Department on June 12, 1974.
A 44-page publication of the features and improvements for the Eleganza II.

>> GMC Motorhome Plant Tour

1976 – Plant Tour Brochure (Source: Bill Bryant)

>> GMC Motorhome Sales Literature by Year

1972 (December) Preliminary Motorhome Selector (Source: Bill Bryant)

This selector illustrated how to fill out your motorhome order and the  options that were available at that time.

1973 GMC Motorhome Selector (Source: Bill Bryant)

This selector illustrated the 15 different floor plans available plus the exterior color options along with the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and standard specifications.

1973 GMC Motorhome Colors and Trims Album (Source: Bill Bryant)

This album illustrated the interior options and floor plans for showroom sales.

1973 House & Garden Marketing Piece (Source: Bill Bryant)

House & Garden, a highly respected design authority, was used as a consultant for interior décor and exterior colors. GMC had this marketing piece put together and distributed at dealer showrooms. Probably with the thought the ladies would find it interesting. The 23′ model with blue stripe and attractive red plaid interior (pictured below) was a one-off pre-production model.

 1973 Not a Truck or Box (Source: Bill Bryant)

Produced by General Motors was available in three different sizes.

1973 So Advanced (Source: Forest Crow)

1975 MotorHome, Sweet Home. Brochure (Source: Forest Crow)
A comprehensive guide to engineering and design features of the GMC Motorhome.

1977 GMC Motorhome  Sales Brochure (Source: Bill Bryant)

1978 GMC Motorhome Sales Brochure (Source: Bill Bryant)

The Pleasures and Delights of the GMC Motorhome (Source: Bill Bryant)

This is a low resolution version of the piece. If by chance you have a higher resolution scan or would allow us to scan and return, contact . Thank you.

>> GMC Motorhome Sales Literature by Model

1976 Palm Beach Sales Brochure (Keith & Kim Weeks)

>> GMC Transmode Sales Literature by Model

See individual model names for literature.

>>  Products for the GMC Motorhome Sales Literature

Zip Dee Awning Brochure (Source: Bob & Marlys Drewes)

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