2016 Spring Photos - GMCMI

>> GMCMI Spring 2016 Convention | Dothan, Alabama

Thank you to our several photographers at the Convention. We hope you enjoy seeing the wonderful vintage GMC Motorhome and their owners! Please do revisit, more photos to come.

>> A message from Glenn Gardner

GMC Friends,
Here is the direct link: http://www.g2photosmx.com/Events/GMCMI-Spring-Rally-2016. All done with the photos taken at the GMCMI Spring Rally 2016 in Dothan, Alabama. I try to take as many photos as I can, to remind me of the great time we had. And as usual, want to share them with all of you, that are interested. All photos are free to download in full resolution. So, please take what you want and enjoy them. This was our 4th year attending the GMCMI spring rally, and as always, we had a wonderful time. Hope to see you all next year.
Glenn Gardner…G2photosmx.com

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