GMC Motorhomes in other product ads

Selling Other Product Ads

In the 70s, it was not unusual to see advertisements for the GMC Motorhome. After all, it was a new vehicle and the marketing department was going full speed ahead. We have seen samples of the ads placed in high-end magazines such as the National Geographic, and there were promotional videos as well. Later, the GMC appeared as a Barbie vehicle, Hess training van, and a Hot Wheels toy.

What was somewhat unexpected was the influence in the marketing of many other RV activities and products.  Mutations of the GMC, and sometimes outright copies, appeared in ads for campgrounds, recreational products, ads for other RVs and even articles on financing.

Even 10, 20, 30, or 40 years after the first GMC rolled off the assembly line, these iconic images appeared everywhere. As you look through the following examples, it is as though the GMC Motorhome was the generic symbol of any motorhome, and it seemed to be assumed that the image of the GMC was a representation of the RV and its lifestyle. Manufacturers of tires and awnings used the GMC or its silhouette to sell their products. Recently, we spied a GMC on the box of a RV TV antenna, and there was an image of a GMC used on an “entrance” sign for a local RV show.

So, where have you seen the GMC in advertising or other non-GMC promotions? You are encouraged to submit what you have found to so that it can be added to the collection. Thank you.

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