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Tires and Hood Cover for Sale | listed 6-27-2024
Vernon Lee Goddard | 603 253-6160 |

Four 950X16.5 R Firestone Transforce Tires @ $155.00 Each.
Also 1977 Kingsley Hood Cover, Pass Side. $ $55.00

Olds 403 Engine for Sale, Complete
$3,150| Sherborn, MA | listed 1-27-2022
Matthew Haggerty | 617-293-8033 message |

Complete engine assembly with ignition, intake, water pump, alternator, starter, power steering pump, A/C compressor (inoperative), flex plate, oil pan, valve covers, and on….

  • S&J long block 403 engine, remanufactured in 2012: com (cost $2,900)
  • Dynamic EFI / EBL (Howell) Fuel Injection with GM Throttle Body: com (cost $2,800)
  • Springfield Ignition coil, distributor, and wires:  (cost $900)

This engine powered a 1977 GMC motorhome for 8 years and approximately 8,800 miles.  I purchased the motorhome in July of 2020, and drove cross country to bring it home, Seattle to Boston, and locally, accounting for 3,600 of these miles.  Due to previous long periods of non-use, two camshaft lobes have worn to the point that the engine makes noise due to the inability of the hydraulic lifters to make up the gap.  The engine needs a new camshaft, however, runs well and all cylinders make power (see table).

Compression (measured just before engine removal, 6-28-21)

#2: 160 psi        #4: 170             #6: 160             #8: 155

#1: 160             #3: 155             #5: 165             #7: 170

In February of 2021 I elected to have a new engine built rather than replace the cam on this engine.  The new engine was installed in July of this year.  This engine is worth having, and the best way to replace the cam is on an engine stand out of the vehicle.  The pictures show fairly the condition of the assembly.

This engine is offered in “as is” condition.  Location is Sherborn, MA just West of Boston.  Buyer is to pick up the engine, or arrange crating and shipping.

455 CID Oldsmobile Engine
CO | $750| listed 6-15-2021
Jim Egan | 720-308-4586 call or text

Engine is from a 1973 GMC Motorhome: long block, was running when removed. Will deliver FREE up to 200 miles from Fort Collins, CO.