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>> “240,000 Miles in Small RVs”

Chuck Botts | $14.95 | Perfectbound | ISBN: 9781457533051 | 160 pages

Traveling has become a way of life for Chuck Botts and his wife, Mary. The retirees average more than 10,000 miles per year, using the freedom provided by their RV to explore North America via its highways and byways. They are not alone. With Baby Boomers beginning to retire at an average rate of more than 4 million per year, RV sales are expected to increase. Some will travel full time, while others will split their time between their home and an RV.

Chuck shares his passion for RV traveling in 240,000 Miles in Small RVs, describing the renovations that took place from top to bottom on the couple’s 23-foot 1977 GMC motorhome, which they love because of its maneuverability, weight and ability to fit their needs. Its small size means they can travel at car speeds rather than the lower limit reserved for big trucks and trailers, and they have no trouble on smaller scenic routes that lure them from the interstate.

Twenty-four years of traveling means stories about historic sites, beautiful scenery, tourist traps, and fantastic food from an infinite variety of restaurants. Just as engaging are Chuck’s tales about fellow travelers he has met while on the road. The collected wisdom in this book provides invaluable information for anyone considering taking to the road in an RV.


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