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Long Beach, California | A GMC Transmode Motorhome Upfitter

Photographer | Glenn Gardner |

As featured on the cover of the 2017 Winter Issue of GMC Vintage RVing magazine.

The 1975 Roll-A-Long upfitted GMC Transmode has been owned by Jim and Sheri Jackson from Conroe, Texas for 25 years. This rear bath, twin bed coach interior has been totally renovated except for the stove and headliner. The original stripes were masked while the exterior of the coach was repainted by Cooperative Motorworks. The coach also hosts a Carefree Colorado awning, Alcoa wheels and DirectTV satellite disk with lowering kit. The padded Landau cover on the side of the coach was damaged in a storm. While removing the upholstery, it was discovered that the original transmode rear side window was actually further back and filled in with aluminum sheeting.

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