GMC Motorhome Collectables

GMC Motorhome Collectables

We are happy to offer these downloadable files for the GMC Community. We thank all of the contributors that took the time to scan and share these for all of us to enjoy. We welcome all historical and technical information. If there is something that you would like to share, please contact . Thank you!

 >> Barbie GMC Motorhome



Bill Bryant Barbie Trailer

From Bill Bryant | GMC Motorhome Historian

A GM Executive who was a snowmobiling enthusiast needed a trailer to transport his machines to a snowy area and thought a GMC Motorhome styled trailer would be great. He was able to have a “non documented” unit built. No pictures are known to exist but those GMC engineers that had seen it described it as follows; a modified center GMC Motorhome body section with no windows, a powered drop down ramp at the rear, a stainless steel rear bumper. The exterior was painted a dark (blue) on the bottom section, white on the upper half and a gold colored horizontal stripe midway.

Two different artist sketches were done by GMC artist Kent Madill, while they are very attractive they differ in a number of ways from the actual model built. The trailer was kept at the corporate garage and could be checked out for use by other GMC employees .

At some point another Executive asked about the status of “that” trailer in the garage. Finding that it had no official status he was concerned that should an audit find this unofficial vehicle, it could be trouble. He issued the authorization for it to be scrapped and that was the end of the one and only GMC Motorhome built trailer.

The Barbie GMC trailer model I built was my attempt to replicate the actual the one built by GMC.

 >> Ben 10 Max’s DX Alien Laboratory Play Set

Ben 10 was a cartoon series that featured Grandpa Max’s Motorhome. The largest drawback to this identity is that it has rust and is called the “Rust Bucket”. Now, we all know that a GMC body does not rust – it is aluminum and fiberglass. Click here to read the entire feature in the Spring 2022 GMC Vintage RVing magazine.

 >> Coloring & Activity Books

1974 VacationLand Color Book (Source: Nina Lee Hampton)

2016 The Great GMC Motorhome Activity Book

Created by GMC Motorhomes International. Saddle stitched, 8 .5″ x 11″, 16 pages plus cover.
$8.00 each

Click here to visit the GMC Motorhome Store where the Activity Book and other items are available.

 >> 1980 Hess Training Van

The Hess Training Van is a replica of the actual GMC Motorhomes Hess used to train personnel at service stations. It has a side door that opens, pop-up TV antenna, and operating headlights and taillights. The van has the date of 1978 imprinted on the bottom in Roman numerals but in actuality, this was not sold at stations until 1980. There were 600,000 produced. This is the first Hess truck to have a 1-piece box. Van measures approximately 12″ in length.

Click here to view 1980 Hess Toy Commercial.

 >> Citizens Band Language Interpreter

 >> Jordan’s Ready-to-Eat Meats of Portland, Maine Postcard