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” The Black List” | The GMC Assist List

>> A Message From Roger Black of the “Black List”

This is a GMC list of owners/supporters who are making themselves available for what ever assistance they can offer to other GMC’ers while on the road traveling. This list is for those who will offer help to others on a 24 hour basis, rain or shine. Sorry no help for those in SOB’s. Just a GMC.

You many use the list even if you aren’t on it. We would like to have you on it though.

The list was a suggestion by GMCnetter Tom Winslow on December 5, 1998, regarding an assistance list for Triumph owners. He also holds the distinction of being the first member of the list. As a non GMC owner (am now), I felt keeping the list was a sort of payback for the information and friendships I got from the GMC Net. As for the name, the list was and is The GMC Motorhome Assist List. The “Black List” came from some of the member’s twisted minds and it stuck. It started by being posted as an email to the GMC Net until it got too large to handles by email.

The main thing I’ve done regarding the list is summed up by one on the list, that I have been “cajoling and even shaming folks to join.”

There would be no list without those who signed up. It’s your list, ALL GMC’ers, use it. No cost, no club, just a nice friendly group waiting for your call of help.

Don’t leave home without it! Believe me!

There’s a visual version at BatchGEO. It uses a Google Map to display locations of contacts on the list. Click here for map. It’s an easy way of locating who may be near you or your path as your travel.

>> Submission and/or Update the “Black List”

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>> Versions of the “Black List”

GMC Motorhomes International is pleased to have assisted Billy Massey in the production, printing, and first mailing of the “Black List” (included in the Spring 2021 GMCMI Mailing) for the GMC Motorhome Community to enjoy.

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