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GMC Motorhome Maintenance Schedules

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>> Maintenance Schedules

X7321A | 1973 Maintenance Schedule

X7415A | 1974 Maintenance Schedule

X7522A | 1975 Maintenance Schedule

X7622B | 1976 Maintenance Schedule (Source: Bill Bryant)

X7722A | 1977 Maintenance Schedule (Source: Emery Stora)

X7722B | 1977 w403 Engine Maintenance Schedule

X7822A | 1978 Maintenance Schedule (Source: Emery Stora)

>> Other Maintenance Items

GMC Motorhome Maintenance & Information Notes (Scan: Ken Henderson)
John N. Engebretsen PE, Engebretsen Engineering
The last update of this resource is 1993, a LOT of the information is obsolete. Most of the individuals mentioned are either deceased, no longer involved with GMC’s, or no longer performing the services mentioned. Likewise, many of the products promoted, and the part numbers offered are no longer available. Despite all that, the narrative can be invaluable to those just becoming acquainted with the GMC, and will help ensure that all major points of interest are at least addressed.

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