GMC TransMode Motorhome Upfitters

>> The History

The TransMode is the product name designating a vehicle whose chassis and body were produced in the GMC plant, but delivered to another upfitter who completed the coach. The TransMode, an “empty motorhome” advertised as “The Mobile Anything” for those who wanted to build their own interiors, was available from 1975 through 1978. Many companies were upfitting the new TransMode as both motor homes and for commercial applications.

Fun fact: As of 1975, GMC no longer upfitted the 23 foot motorhome. In other words, all 23 foot GMC Motorhomes starting in 1975 were TransModes. Coachman upfitted the largest number of GMC TransModes, but there were also models from varies other upfitters. (See list at left.) After November 1977, when GMC announced that the manufacturing of the motorhomes would cease during 1978, there were more TransModes built than GMC Motorhomes.

Judging from the literature and specs that are still available, most of the specifications listed as standard would be items with which we are familiar: color-coordinated interiors, soil resistant upholstery, dinettes and love seats or sofas, carpeting, stainless steel double sinks, two way refrigerators, ceiling fans, holding tanks and fuel tanks. Interestingly, options included the exterior accent stripes and a generator.

TransModes have certainly made our GMC life interesting. When someone who is familiar with the GMC upfitted motorhome encounters a TransMode, it is fascinating to see what another manufacturer had done to the same basic area inside the GMC Motorhome. So, next time there is an open house at a GMCMI Convention, be sure to look for one of these unique vehicles!

 >> GMC TransMode Motorhome Upfitters

Avion – Benton Harbor, Michigan
Belmont – Canada
Bizi-Bodi Recreational Vehicles – San Jose, CA – Bizi-Bodi  
Coachmen, Jimmy MotorsRoyale and Birchaven
El Dorado – Minneapolis – Princess
Foretravel – Nacogoches, Texas
Hughes – Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
Landau – Anaheim, CA
Leisure & Recreational Products (L.R.P.) – Wisconsin
Midas Intl. – Elkhart, Indiana
RekVee Industries – Scarbourgh, Ontario, Canada – Funcraft
Roll-A-Long – Long Beach, California – Santana
Winnebago – Forest City, Iowa (only one produced)

 >> Please Help Us!

GMCMI along with GMC Motorhome Historian Bill Bryant are working on compiling additional information on the TransModes. If you currently or previously owned a TransMode and have documentation and/or photos, we ask that you please do share them with the GMC Community. Please contact us at or 612-501-4600. Thank you.