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GMCMI Standing Rules

GMC Motorhomes International Chapter | Family Motor Coach Association, Inc.
March 22, 2017

>> Dues

Annual Dues:
The annual dues for membership in this chapter of FMCA shall be such amount as the membership shall, from year to year, by resolution at a general meeting, establish for each category of membership, but in no event shall such dues be less than $10.00 per year.

When Payable:
Dues from applicants shall be the full amount required for the fiscal year in which the application is accepted, excepting, that if an application is accepted after July 1st, their first renewal the following year shall be 1/2 the annual dues; if an application is accepted after October 1st, then the dues shall also be regarded as covering the next fiscal year.

>> Membership Meetings

The term “meeting” shall mean conventions or any other gathering suitable to the function of the chapter and duly announced in advance to the chapter membership. A member of this chapter shall not be required to attend any particular number of meetings.

>> Chapter officers and Executive Committee

Nominating Committee:
The Nominating Committee shall be elected by the chapter membership by a mail ballot or at a stated meeting not later than approximately 150 days prior to the scheduled election of officers. The candidate for Chapter President shall be a current or past member of the Board of Directors and shall be nominated by the Nominating Committee. Although not mandatory, it would be highly desirable that at least two (2) new Vice Presidents each year be elected to the Board of Directors. Election of an individual to the Nominating Committee shall not prohibit him or any other eligible member, from being nominated as part of the nominating slate or from the floor for any available office except that floor nominees for regional vice president roles must be residents of the region they would represent, not later than the meeting at which the Nominating Committee report is presented. The Nominating Committee shall further function as required to fill vacancies, which may occur in elected chapter offices until the next annual election.

Definition of Officers and Board of Directors:
The Chapter Officers as designated in the Bylaws shall also have one Vice President for Administration (a non-voting position). The Chapter Executive Committee shall consist of an elected President, the President pro tem, the Vice President for Administration (a non-voting position), Treasurer, Secretary and the Immediate Past President. The elected President shall appoint a current Vice President of the Board of Directors as President pro tem who will act in the absence of the President. The Chapter National Director shall be responsible only to the general chapter membership and shall sit as a member of the Governing Board and the Family Motor Coach Association, Inc., as provided in the National Constitution and Bylaws. The date and results of the election of chapter officers shall be promptly reported in writing to the FMCA National Headquarters, no later than two weeks after the annual meeting. The Board of Directors will make all decisions dealing with expenditures and other financial matters. The duties of the elected officers shall be as defined in the FMCA Member and Volunteer Handbook and the National Constitution and Bylaws and in particular those portions relating to chapter operation and such other not inconsistent duties as defined in the chapter constitution and bylaws.

Members of the Board of Directors are expected to attend all conventions during their term(s) of office. It is, however, recognized that there may be circumstances where a member will be unable to fulfill this expectation. When that occurs as a result of hardship such as family/personal emergencies, medical conditions, motorhome mechanical problems, etc. the member, may with approval from the President/GMCMI, appoint a proxy. If the member desires to appoint a proxy, the member should advise the President/GMCMI the reason for the absence and the name of the proposed proxy at least two weeks prior to the start of the convention he/she will be unable to attend. If approved, the proxy will have the same voting rights as the member represented. The proxy rights are valid only for the named convention.

>> Definition of Contractor Roles

It is expected that the chapter will retain a contractor for each of the following roles:

  1. Convention management – includes organizing and managing the required two conventions per year.
  2. Member and Publications Services – includes writing, printing and mailing of all newsletters, rosters, chapter notices and other material pertinent to the chapter and maintenance of all membership data,
    dues notices and rosters.
  3. Website Master – includes management and maintenance of website.

The Board of Directors will on at least an annual basis set forth the compensation for the contracted duties to be paid on the first day of each calendar month.

The contract roles may be filled from within or outside the membership as the Board of Directors deems best.

>> Duration of Term

The terms of the Chapter Officers and Directors shall begin immediately upon their election and be approximately one year. All Area Vice Presidents shall serve no more than four (4) consecutive one year terms in one position without at least a one year break in duties. The position of Vice President for Administration is not subject to term limits but is subject to election or reelection annually as with other officers. The President shall not serve more than two (2) consecutive one year terms without at least a one year break in duties. The National Director and Alternate National Director may serve consecutive terms without limits as spelled out in FMCA Bylaws. Any officer may serve in a different capacity immediately without the consecutive year rule applying. The President shall call for a joint meeting of old and new Board of Directors members after elections and prior to the annual convention break-up.

The Vice President for Administration has oversight responsibility for (1) the contractor responsible for convention management and (2) the contractor responsible for member and publications services. The Board of Directors reserves the right to specify additional duties to be performed by the Vice President for Administration. This officer is accountable to the Executive Committee, which will report to the Board of Directors on an annual basis.

It is expected, but not a requirement, that the contractor for convention management will be nominated for Vice President for Administration. If elected, that contractor would serve in the dual capacity of Vice President for Administration, an unpaid role, and contractor for convention management (a paid role).

>> GMCMI Financial Transactions

To meet the requirements of many financial institutions, the following positions are formally granted bank account creation and signature authority for GMCMI financial transactions:

  1. President
  2. Treasurer
  3. Vice-president, Administration
  4. Contractor for convention management (when not elected to serve concurrently as vice president-administration).
  5. Contractor for management of member and publication services.

Each GMCMI bank account shall have at least two signature authorities, one of which shall be the President, GMCMI.

>> Discipline – Recall or Expulsion

Final authority for the expulsion of members of this chapter and for the recall of officers shall rest with the chapter membership.

Any member, director or officer of this chapter is subject to expulsion from the chapter for any of the following offenses:

  1. Violation of the National Constitution or Bylaws of the Association.
  2. Violation of any rules lawfully made by or under the authority of the chapter officers.
  3. Violation or violations of and/or disregard of the Code of Ethics of FMCA by any member.
  4. Any willful act or course of conduct contrary to the best interest of FMCA or its members.
  5. Personal misconduct and conviction of any offense against the state or nation amounting to a felony.
  6. Failure to perform the duties of his office in a reasonable manner.
  7. Any member guilty of misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance of office.
  8. Fraud, deceit, theft or embezzlement of any property of this chapter.
  9. Constant and continuous expression of dissatisfaction with the Chapter and/or Association and/or its officials and/or its members at any places other than the regular meeting of the members or of the Governing Board.

>> Amendment of Standing Rules

Balloting by mail may be undertaken when the proposed amendment is of such importance that the wishes of the maximum possible number of the chapter membership should be known. A mail ballot may be undertaken by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors and/or a motion made and voted on by a majority of members at a duly called meeting. In any event, amendments shall be automatically accomplished as may be required by existing provisions or future amendments, to the National Constitution and Bylaws, Family Motor Coach Association, Inc. Such automatic conforming amendments shall not be subject to prior or further vote of the chapter’s membership.